Reactor-Ready Duo positively improves experiments at Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products.

Lanzhou Institute Reactor-Ready Duo

Contacts: Doctor Xu

Organisation: Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd

Department: Vaccine Lab

Country: China

Product: Reactor-Ready Duo

Case Study No: CS1075

The situation

Doctor Xu’s team used to use a flask with a water bath or electrical heating block. Unfortunately, this method and equipment set up was not precise enough for their experiments. They require a steady exact temperature at either 37°c or 70°c. The experiment samples cannot conveniently be taken out of the bath or block.

The objective

In the vaccine lab, they were looking to achieve a safer laboratory environment for their chemists. They needed to be able to offer a quick and easy way to change the vessel volume, and to drain the samples. Precise temperature control with no leakage was also crucial.

The results

The Reactor-Ready Duo gives the chemists in the vaccine lab the best application experience: for Doctor Xu’s team, it plays a key role in research of Polysaccharide Biosynthesis.

Usually some Polysaccharide Biosynthesis research the customer simply required excellent temperature control and to have two different vessel volumes at the same time. The samples drain needed to be convenient and easy to change the different vessels. The Reactor-Ready Duo was the perfect solution for them.

The Reactor-Ready Duo will positively improve our experiments. We will use it to do the Polysaccharide Biosynthesis direction research. We find the Reactor-Ready Duo is very good for our applications because we can easy to change the vessels, so it is convenient to put the vessels in the dry oven to be sterilized. I like the Reactor-Ready Duo design, it is very efficient for our experiments because we can do two different volumes experiments. I think this will improve our experiment efficiency greatly.Doctor Xu, Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd