Roal Finland, one of the world´s largest enzyme companies have invested in Reactor-Ready Duo, an easy to use jacketed reactor system, for parallel formulation studies.

Roal using RRD in laboratory

Contacts: Katja Palmunen

Organisation: Roal

Department: Head of Formulation Technology

Country: Finland

Product: Reactor-Ready Duo

Case Study No: CS1062

The situation

Roal identified that studying and optimising the formulation process could lead to improvements in enzyme quality.

The objective

By investing in a Reactor-Ready Duo parallel jacketed reactor Roal are speeding up their studies of the enzyme formulation process, allowing the rapid identification of critical parameters that can lead to improvements in production techniques and product quality.

The results

Roal are running both reaction vessels simultaneously from a single Huber circulator, with two Heidolph Hei-Torque overhead stirrers. Using 250ml vessels and a variety of stirrer impellers. The system also allows Roal the flexibility to change to other vessels sizes and geometries as projects require.