DuPont were able to overcome reaction system leaks from bottom outlet valves using Reactor-Ready

Du Pont, Wilmington RR AVA

Organisation: Du Pont, Wilmington

Department: OLED R&D

Country: USA

Product: Reactor-Ready, Lab Control Software

Case Study No: 1024


Previously used a traditional local reaction system supplier which suffered from leaks which meant that a good vacuum could not be maintained with loss of product from the bottom valve.


  1. Improve containment of product
  2. Reduce leakage enabling higher vacuum to be attained
  3. Easier to use system


  1. V4 design of the bottom outlet valve on the reactor vessel gives better performance over wide temperature ranges compared to traditional design from other manufacturers
  2. Using vacuum jacketed reactors gave better cooling performance than previous supplier
  3. Easy-to-use automation enabled feedback loops to be built-in to control exotherms
  4. Easy vessel exchange