Reactor-Ready's ease of setting up provides the ability to vary work or scale with interchangeable vessels up to 5 litres

BioNanoPark Lodz RR

Contacts: Dr Aleksandra Wlodarczyk

Organisation: BioNanoPark Lodz

Department: Biocatalysis and Biotransformation Unit

Country: Poland

Product: Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor, Reactor-Ready Duo, Huber Ministat

Case Study No: CS1043


This brand new facility, BioNanoPark, needed the flexibility to offer research for various sectors of the Polish economy: food, chemical, medicine, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, military.


As a contract research group the unit needed to be able to offer a wide range of reaction volumes, stirrer designs etc, to enable them to meet the variation in demands from different industrial Polish customers.


Seven Reactor-Ready lab reactors and two Reactor-Ready Duos together with 63 vessels ranging from 100ml to 5000ml provide the flexibility and ease of setting up required by the Biocatalysis and Biotransformation Unit. They are able to meet customer demands to perform multi-volume chemical and enzymatic reactions.