Reactor-Ready saves time in gathering early drug development data

Mylan RR

Contacts: Senior General Manager

Organisation: Mylan

Department: Chemical Research Division API – R & D

Country: India

Product: Reactor-Ready

Case Study No: CS1012


Mylan previously used oil baths, flasks and some pilot and manufacturing equipment.


Increase productivity by gathering early drug development data to save time in the pilot/production stage.


  1. Reduction in the number of trials required as problems could be identified and solved early before getting to the pilot stage.
  2. Reactor-Ready offered a solution to obtain early drug development information, such as heat output data, particle size optimization, particle size distribution and safety data.
  3. Data obtained using Reactor-Ready exactly matched pilot plant reactor results in some cases, saving considerable time.
One tool which can be used for multiple studies… to fine tune kilo labs and manufacturing units.Senior General Manager, Mylan