Reactor-Ready Duo saves time and makes routine synthesis more efficient at the University of Warwick

University of Warwick RRD

Contacts: Associate Professor, Stefan Bon

Organisation: University of Warwick

Department: The Bon Polymer Colloids Group

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Reactor-Ready Duo

Case Study No: CS1006

The situation

The Bon Group are leaders in polymer research, focusing on the chemistry and physics of colloidal systems and more complex supracolloidal structures. It is very important that synthesis technology can be scaled-up for use in industrial applications.

The objective

Save time and make routine synthesis more efficient.

The results

  1. With fast polymerization (acrylates), any exotherms can be easily controlled via the excellent temperature control offered by the jacketed vessels.
  2. The University of Warwick has invested in four systems for use within the polymer research team
Reactor-Ready Duo’s thermofluid manifold system allows us to run reactions in parallel, whereby we use a single circulator to deliver the same temperature to adjacent vessels, allowing us to easily vary other key experimental parameters.Associate Professor, Stefan Bon, University of Warwick