TonSan invested in Reactor-Ready to use in their lab for the research of adhesives.

TonSan Reactor Ready

Contacts: Professor Liu

Organisation: TonSan

Department: Organic synthesis laboratory

Country: China

Product: Reactor-Ready

Case Study No: CS1073

The situation

Their local brand reactor has a high risk of leakage and the vessel cannot be changed. If different volumes need to be used, then several reactors must be purchased, offering poor value for money. These issues all negatively affected the experimental process.

The objective

Professor Liu needed to complete the processing of several samples at the same time, whilst still ensuring safe and reliable quality laboratory equipment for the team.

The results

Following the installation of the Reactor-Ready, Professor Liu and the team are happy to report they no longer need to worry about leakage from a poor seal, or the high risk of a breakage. The vessels can be changed in minutes, and this has accelerated their experimental process.

We have tried many local brand reactors, but they always come with quality problems: there is leakage, they are too easy to break, and they cannot be disassembled. These problems were always in existence. The clear advantages of Radleys Reactor-Ready attracts us. It has the good seal, high quality glass blowing and the vessel can be replaced. We know with Reactor-Ready we will have the best experience on our research!Professor Liu, TonSan