Heat-On is a unique block to replace traditional oil baths and the safety issues associated with them.

University of Connecticut Heat-On

Contacts: Dmytro Korzhniev

Organisation: University of Connecticut

Country: USA

Product: Heat-On

Case Study No: CS1065

The situation

At the University of Connecticut they were experiencing problems with their old hotplates and sand baths:

  • High failure rate of existing brand hotplates
  • Sand baths typically give poor temperature control and overshoots
  • It is messy as sand gets everywhere
  • The apparatus set-up is difficult

The objective

  • Management drive to improve safety
  • Reduce long term costs
  • Simplify apparatus set-up

The results

The group chose Radleys Heat-On, provided by Heidolph, based on their aims of improving safety and reducing costs. With the new equipment they can provide student-proof chemistry teaching labs. The added benefit of Heat-On is reduced maintenance costs and down-time.