The Hei-VAP Industrial is being used anti-cancer drug development.


Department: Cancer Research

Country: Germany

Product: Hei-Vap Industrial Rotary Evaporator


The product to be concentrated was an intermediate in the synthesis of an anti-cancer drug.

The objective

  • The maximum time the drying process was allowed to last was 8 hours due to the sensitivity of the product. During this time, the temperature of the product inside the evaporating flask was not allowed to rise above 35 °C.
  • The goal was to minimize any residual moisture in the product with as little lumps being formed as possible

Set up

Hei-VAP Industrial with A1 glassware set, 20 L powder flask, Rotavac 20 vacuum pump, Hei-CHILL 5000 chiller.

The process and result

10 liters of IPA (isopropanol) was charged via the inlet tube on the Hei-VAP Industrial to 0.5 kg of a solid, amide-like derivative in a 20-liter flask. This was mixed for 5 minutes at 100 rpm and 25 ° C until dissolved.

The flask was removed from the evaporator and 0.5 kg of calcium sulfate was added manually to the mixture. Distillation was started using the following parameters:

Vacuum: 10 mbar

Rotation: 18 rpm

Heating bath temperature: 30 ° C

Cooling temperature of the recirculating chiller: 5 ° C

After only 4 hours of distillation, the drying process was complete giving the product as a fine beige powder with no lumps.

After 4 hours of distillation, the powder drying was completed. All requirements of the application were successfully met.Cancer Research Department