The new Mya 4 Reaction Station benefits the whole team at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Contacts: Dr Matthias Baud

Organisation: MRC LMB

Country: UK

Product: Mya 4 Reaction Station

Case Study No: CS1081

The situation

Dr Baud designs and synthesises libraries of compounds for biological testing. He was using multiple stirring hotplate set-ups in order to work on the synthesis of several molecules at a time. A lack of fume hood space and the need to use the available time as efficiently as possible presented real challenges for productivity.

The objective

Dr Baud trialled the new Mya 4 Reaction Station at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular biology with the aim of improving productivity whilst saving precious space. He compared it directly to his existing multiple hotplate set-ups, which he explained took up fume hood space, and could be potentially unsafe. They also take a fair amount of time to set up correctly.

The results

The Mya 4 Reaction Station with a reflux head (Discovery Set-up) was installed at the LMB for an extended trial for Dr Baud. He agreed it was very easy to set up and start using right away. The Control Pad looked great, and was simple and straight forward to use with little instruction. He reported excellent temperature control; the reaction station heated and cooled reactions quickly and evenly. The integrated reflux head was a great alternative to glass condensers. Mya 4 took away any need for messy and unsafe oil baths, and also saved the space of several hotplates. A key benefit was how easy it would be to share the reaction station with colleagues, as the experiments are named and controlled independently on the Control Pad software.

The great thing about Mya 4 is that it can benefit more than just me; it’s for the whole team. I would recommend Mya 4 for Medicinal Chemistry as you can do lots in parallel. The interface looks great, it’s easy to understand and it’s simple to use.Dr Matthias Baud, MRC LMB