Increased productivity and valuable space saving is achieved with Mya 4 Reaction Station

Johnson Matthey Mya 4

Contacts: Dr Alex Eberlin

Organisation: Johnson Matthey

Country: UK

Product: Mya 4 Reaction Station

Case Study No: CS1081

The situation

Dr Eberlin’s group routinely performs crystallisation studies, from screening to small scale. In order to work on a range of scales, they currently use 3 different reaction stations: one for 2 mL vials, one for 50 mL tubes and one for larger vessels.

The objective

Dr Eberlin’s group trialled the new Mya 4 Reaction Station at Johnson Matthey to see if it could help with productivity and space saving. They were looking to free up fume cupboard space by having one unit that can be used at the varied scales that they needed. They also needed to have one simple interface that chemists can simply start using with minimal training.

The results

We installed the Mya 4 Reaction Station with overhead stirrers (Process Set-up) at Johnson Matthey for an extended trial. The feedback from one of Dr Eberlin’s group members was that it is simple to use, and the controller software is not complicated or intimidating. Different people can use it at the same time without having to check with each other, and you can easily save your results to a memory stick if you need to.

The overhead stirrers are great and can replicate larger scales. The heating blocks are easy to lift out and change using the lipped edge. Visibility into the reaction is good, and it is easy to see what is happening inside. Dr Eberlin added that he often spent several days out of the lab, but Mya 4 was easy to pick up and use again without instruction. It offered useful space-saving in the fume hood, where space is at an ever increasing premium.

Mya 4 is very user-friendly and intuitive, in particular the control pad. The ability to work on different scales, from screening to larger, is very important to us, and this was easily accommodated. Having overhead stirring on a small scale is particularly useful and relevant for scale up of processes. The flexibility is key; the stirring options, different vessel sizes and shapes, and the ability to have different colleagues using it at the same time. I was also impressed with the power of the compact overhead stirrers.Dr Alex Eberlin, Johnson Matthey