Improving chemistry with Carousel 6 Plus + Tornado system in Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry saved time and space in their fume hood with Carousel 6 Plus with Tornado Overhead Stirring System.
CS1063 Carousel 6 and Tornado, Shanghai, China

The situation

The Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry was performing reactions involving multiple round bottom flasks with either magnetic stirrers or overhead stirrers. Each reaction needed separate flasks and took up valuable space in the fume hood. A lot of time was wasted setting up and managing individual reactions. 

The objective

The two main goals were to free up space in their fume cupboard, and to save time by being more efficient with their reactions.

The results

We supplied and installed Radleys Carousel 6 Plus + Tornado system, and we have seen the positive progress that has been made due to the new equipment.

  • Contacts Dr Huang
  • Organisation Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Department Department of Pharmacy
  • Country China
  • Product Carousel 6 Plus and Tornado
  • Case Study No. CS1063
"Previously, we had to use multiple flasks, which was very inconvenient. We had to operate many hotplates with many different flasks. The parallel results were also not very good. We were unhappy with the performance of our overhead stirrer. We are very happy that our new Radleys equipment can handle 6 different reactions at one time. We’ve seen that the parallel results are very good, and it will save us time. In addition, we will also save a lot of space! "
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