The Heidolph Distimatic increases evaporation throughput at the University of Bristol.

University of bristol Heidolph Distimatic

Contacts: Dr. Luke Elliott and Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn

Organisation: University of Bristol

Department: School of Chemistry

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Heidolph Distimatic

Case Study No: CS1009


Solvent evaporation was becoming a major bottle-neck to further scale-up within the confines of a conventional lab fume-cupboard. Simply attending to the basic processes of evaporation, refilling and emptying flasks, required a surprising amount of time.


Free up time and minimise slogging up and down stairs to remote lab used for manual process


1. After several hours, not only is there an evaporation flask full of concentrated reaction product but there is also a ‘waste’ bottle filled with 5 litres of clean solvent for re-use.
2. Saved hundreds of pounds worth of solvent.
3. Helped to reduce the impact on the environment

The Distimatic saved time, since it fully takes over after pressing a few buttons. It saved money through recycling solvent and allowed more time to be spent focussing on the chemistry.Dr. Luke Elliott and Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn, University of Bristol