Contact: Dr. Jenny Slaughter

Organisation: The University of Manchester

Department: School of Chemistry

Country: UK

Product: Findenser and Findenser Mini

Case Study No: CS1097

The situation

Use of water-cooled condensers led to issues with:

  • Lack of teaching of sustainable approaches and various technologies for performing reflux;
  • Issues with flooding and/or high water usage in teaching laboratories.

Findensers have been used alongside or as a replacement for condensers in first, second and third year undergraduate laboratories.

The objectives

Allowing students exposure to more diverse and newer technologies for conducting reflux.

Enabling students to appreciate their environmental impact when conducting reflux with water-cooled condenser.

The results

Radleys supplied Findensers for teaching laboratories.

When we found issues related to novice users and kit durability, Radleys provided advice and guidance on best practice and kit management.

Download the “University of Manchester – Findenser vs. Condenser comparison poster”

Findensers have enabled us to introduce students to more diverse and newer kit for conducting reflux. Students are introduced to the kit, calculate the water saved through using a Findenser and are allowed to choose which kit to use; this careful introduction through scaffolded teaching activities, enables students to appreciate their environmental impact and make sustainable choices, as scientistsDr. Jenny Slaughter, School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester