"It makes our life easier" says Dr Jhansi Mamilla

National Institute of Chemistry Carousel 6

Contacts: Dr Uroš Novak, Dr Miša Mojca Cajnko, Dr Jhansi Lakshmi Kishore Mamilla, Bojana Bradić, M.Sc of biotechnology, Milka Borič, M.Sc of biotechnology

Organisation: National Institute of Chemistry

Department: Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering

Country: Slovenia

Product: Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station

Case Study No: CS1084

The situation

Many single magnetic stirrers, problems with doing parallels, multiple samples and temperature regulations, and heating was only from the bottom. It was very difficult to control and obtain parameters and reproducibility.

The objective

Experimental work is done more effective and faster, being able to prepare multiple samples at once, running the reactions overnight (extractions, isolations, dissolutions, fractionations), to have safer and reliable system.

The results

The system was installed in November 2016. The outcome is the same as objective (safer, reliable system, faster heating and stirring) good temperature and stirrer control. They can run multiple samples overnight, have parallel reactions and doing unattended chemistry. The system is very convenient and easy to use.

They can now use now the system for all sort of applications:

Extraction of polyphenols, polysaccharides from marine biomass, dissolution of chitin using green solvents and N- deacetylation of chitin, fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass, protein and minerals isolation from shrimp shells.

I am getting my results faster after using 6 reactors at once. I can do parallel reaction under same conditions. Carousel 6 Plus saves time as we can run parallel reactions. It makes our life easier. We can run in parallel using different solvents to optimize the parameters (conditions).Bojana Bradić and Dr Jhansi Mamilla, National Institute of Chemistry