Difficult process chemistry control in dual systems with lab control software

Two Reactor- Ready Duo systems both with software, pumps, balances and pH meters interlinked and automatically controlled and data logged
Kunming Pharmaceutical Co using Reactor-Ready Duos with Lab Control Software


Previously used manual control of reaction systems with inefficient temperature and pH control


  1. Achieve independent temperature control of each reactor using process temperatures of -5゚C to +160゚C, typically
  2. Improve control of addition rates together with pH
  3. Capture and log all data automatically


  1. Now able to carry out a variety of chemistries using Radleys lab control software automation for difficult process chemistry control
  2. Can control feed from reactor #1 into reactor #2
  • Organisation Kunming Pharmaceutical Company, Yunnan
  • Country China
  • Product Reactor-Ready Duo and Lab Control Software
  • Case Study No. CS1023
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