Carousel 6 improves productivity in Sussex University chemistry lab

University of Sussex Carousel 6

Contacts: Dr John Spencer

Organisation: University of Sussex

Department: The Spencer Group

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Carousel 6 Reaction Station

Case Study No: CS1007


Before investing in the Carousel 6, processes were slow and protracted due to a lack of available chemistry capacity. Laborious ‘analogue’ bashing was creating frustrating bottlenecks in the drug discovery program.


Optimise parallel synthesis and library generation in a drug discovery laboratory


  1. Now able to quickly and efficiently ‘tweak’ interesting molecules to optimise their properties in the drug discovery process.
  2. Also used for ’parallel teaching’ where three students can share a device and a fumehood, with space for 2 reactions each.
We chose the Carousel 6 because it does many things at once… it has helped us greatly in our day-to-day work. In fact, synthetic outputs have probably quadrupled!Dr John Spencer, University of Sussex