Carousel 12 Plus helps BASF perform twelve different reactions simultaneously and at the same time control the temperature and stirring rates to improve chemistry consistency.

BASF Carousel 12 in lab

Contacts: Harish Shinde, Research Scientist

Organisation: BASF

Country: India

Product: Carousel 12

Case Study No: CS1053


  • Before using Carousel 12 Plus, the research scientists had to set up multiple reaction stations for each separate synthesis. This was a time-consuming process and they were only able to carry out a maximum of one or two reactions a day.
  • Energy consumption was very high.
  • Difficult to monitor reactions and maintain the same temperature and stirring rate.


Improve synthesis throughput and experiment consistency


Carousel 12 Plus is ideal for parallel synthesis and process development applications. It saves time, cost and space. It is designed in such a way that it heats, stirs and refluxes multiple samples with low energy consumption.

Carousel 12 plus is a wonderful chemistry tool that makes your work easier, accurate and faster.Harish Shinde, Research Scientist, BASF