A variety of Carousel 6 and 12 units improve compound generation at Lundbeck.

Lundbeck Carousel 6 and 12

Contacts: Process Chemist

Organisation: Lundbeck

Department: Process Chemistry

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Carousel 6, Carousel 12 Reaction Stations

Case Study No: CS1001


Before investing in Carousel 6 and 12’s, experiments for route scouting or optimisation ran the risk of having to make comparisons between reactions run on different sets of equipment.


Efficiently generate compounds for toxicological testing with information on reactions: what works, what doesn’t work, what factors influence the reaction, what the most important factors are.


Now able to run experiments for routine scouting or optimisation quickly and efficiently.

When we talk about doing a set of experiments for route scouting or optimisation, we refer to it as 'doing a carousel'. That is a reflection of how much it has positively changed our ways of working.Process Chemist, Lundbeck