Shaanxi Normal University invested in Carousel 12 plus to optimise new and existing metal catalysed reactions.

Shaanxi Normal University Carousel 12

Contacts: Professor Gao

Organisation: Shaanxi Normal University

Department: School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Country: China

Product: Carousel 12 plus Reaction Station

Case Study No: CS1015


The group previously used stirring hotplates to do the experiments which was not effective and wasted the time. Handling one task at a time, they were unable to accomplish several samples quickly or easily.


Be able to process several samples at a time.


  1. Freed up fume cupboard space
  2. Able to process several samples at a time.
  3. Achieve vacuum and condenser reflux functions at the same time.
The Carousel 12 is very convenient for our experiments. We only finished one sample in the past but we can do 12 samples now and our results are very good.Professor Gao, Shaanxi Normal University