Radleys supplied a Heidolph Hei-VAP Value digital rotary evaporator with a VACUUBRAND Vario pump coupled to a Huber Minichiller to the Peyote Restaurant to make bespoke flavoured tequilas.

Peyote Restaurant Hei-VAP

Contacts: Artur Zagoroski

Organisation: Peyote Restaurant

Department: Bar

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Heidolph Hei-Vap evaporator, VACUUBRAND MD1C Vario, Huber Minichiller

Case Study No: CS1039


Peyote are a Mexican restaurant located in Mayfair. Traditional distillation didn’t enable them to make flavoured tequilas retaining volatile aromatic flavours and fragrances.


Peyote wanted to make specialist tequilas and cocktails on the bar.


  • Peyote use a Heidolph rotary evaporator to make bespoke flavoured tequilas. Unlike a tradition distillation, the rotary evaporator enables you to distill at low temperatures which keeps the volatile aromatic flavours and fragrances really fresh.
  • The tequilas are made in small 250ml batches and are amazing, they are looking to use the system for other applications soon and are currently experimenting.
The training session given was great, we are looking forward to more experimentation with the equipment and different flavours. Artur Zagoroski, Peyote Restaurant