Reactor-Ready and Lab Control Software automate and improve experiment control

Agency for Defense Development AVA Reactor-Ready

Contacts: Research

Organisation: Agency for Defense Development

Department: R&D

Country: South Korea

Product: Lab Control Software and Reactor-Ready

Case Study No: CS1019


Previously used an oil bath or Heat-On block with inefficient manual control of pH, exothermic reactions and data logging.


  1. Improve percentage yield and product quality.
  2. Automate pH feedback control and automatic cooling whenever an exothermic reaction occurred.
  3. Capture and log all data and events automatically.


  1. All devices interlinked, automatically controlled and data logged – temperature control circulator, overhead stirrer, balance, vacuum level setting, peristaltic pump, pH.
  2. The net result was a greater amount of better products with comprehensive data recorded.