What on Earth do you get a scientist for Christmas?

A pristine new lab coat? A snazzy new pair of safety goggles? A complete set of shiny new laboratory equipment?

Tough one, isn’t it? Luckily, as ever, we at Radleys are here to help. Nobody understands scientists quite like we do, so we’ve compiled this festive gift-buying guide for the scientist in your life.

If you really want to wow your scientist this Christmas, appeal to their innate curiosity and don’t be afraid to go full nerd.

Here are the best Christmas presents for scientists, with unique gift ideas to suit every budget.

Christmas present for the scientists

Reach For the Stars

It’s not just astrophysicists and astronomers – for almost every scientist, space is very much the place. So you could do much worse this Christmas than get them a gift that’s as galactic as it’s geeky.

There’s a giant wall clock that charts the various lunar landingsa mug depicting the various phases of the moon, and for those who want to create their very own music of the spheres, this rather beautiful galaxy ukulele.

Finally, all galactic gifts can be given the perfect finishing touch with this charming galaxy gift wrapping set.

Elements within a glass of water - Christmas presents for the scientists

Few Things Speak Louder Than Words

Whether they’re printed on a mug or a poster, gift a scientist with words and slogans they can use to express their personality to the office or laboratory. The right words can put a smile on their face every day, renewing their conviction to get out there and get discovering!

We found a few messages that might appeal to scientists. Our favourite would have to be this notebook, which offers scientific evidence that no glass is ever empty. But in light of the fact that much of the scientific community runs on caffeine, who could resist this delightful poster?

Chocolate table of elements - Christmas presents for the scientists

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

You can’t really go wrong with chocolate and there are people out there actively targeting that lucrative mid-point in the chocoholic/scientist Venn diagram.

Look hard enough and you’ll find pillows, posters, mugs, bookmarks, coasters, t-shirts and aprons that charmingly spell out the word “chocolate” using elements from the periodic table.

And for the biologist in your life, how about a set of anatomically correct chocolates, each handmade to resemble a different organ?

Clothing with scientific patterns and references

Clothing and Jewellery

With the right clothing you can make any scientist’s day, whether they’re totally chilled or totally caffeinated.

Our favourite designs include this circuitry boardthese constellations, and this excellent psychedelic depiction of the solar system.

But it’s not all t-shirts and slogans – we also found this fabulous skirt that depicts some of the most important female scientists.

In terms of jewellery, we found chemistry cufflinksmicroscope charms, and atom necklaces – everything you need to make your scientist feel fabulous.

Chemistry drinking glasses

Something for the Home

This Christmas, you can make your scientist feel right at home with some delightful handmade homeware designed to appeal to their rather unique tastes.

Periodic table chopping boardsconical flask glasswarepillows that depict follicles – there really is something for everyone out there.

The best Christmas presents for the scientist in your life

Finally, the Gift that Keeps Giving

Scientists are infamously absent-minded sorts – and with good reason! They can be far too busy contemplating life’s deepest questions to ever consider something as simple as, say, socks.

Well this Christmas, you can help to ensure that the scientist in your life never has to sweat the small stuff ever again. With a sock subscription service, they can receive a fresh pair of socks in the post, every month, for up to a year.

And as any scientist will tell you, science is made much easier when you’re wearing a fresh, clean and colourful pair of matching socks – so get a sock subscription and you’ll arguably be doing the whole world a favour!

Now it’s your turn – what do you plan on getting your scientist for Christmas this year?