Scientist Katie cuts her work time in half while using the StarFish

Since switching her refluxing to the Starfish Multi-Experiment Workstation, Katie is saving one day of work.

StarFish reduces energy, waste and costs

StarFish provided a simple, versatile alternative to replace five set-ups, making better use of laboratory facilities.

StarFish allows extra workload to be safely accommodated in the existing work space

The number of samples needed to be run simultaneously was predicted to double, however no additional fumehood space was available...

StarFish improves repeatability and productivity over traditional vial heating for Sigma-Aldrich

At Sigma-Aldrich, placing vials on a hotplate meant that the samples were being stirred under different conditions, and typically only 5 at a time.

StarFish saves valuable laboratory space

StarFish enabled multiple reactions yet saved valuable laboratory space for synthetic chemistry at Argenta Discovery.