AVA Lab Control Software with Reactor-Ready Duo improves new product development

Royochem chose AVA Software to log and control jacketed lab reactors combined with additions, temperature and stirrer motor devices to improve the safety and quality of unattended chemical processes.

Safer, highly efficient experiments with Reactor-Ready Duo

Reactor-Ready Duo positively improves experiments at Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products.

High torque application for Reactor-Ready Duo and lab control software

Improved control of a high viscosity application with automated control via feedback loops

Reactor-Ready Duo with Control Software

Reactor-Ready Duo control of two simultaneous reaction systems using one piece of software

Reactor-Ready Duo increases synthesis productivity

Reactor-Ready Duo saves time and makes routine synthesis more efficient at the University of Warwick

Roal, leading enzyme manufacturer, choose Reactor-Ready Duo for their formulation chemistry

Roal Finland, one of the world´s largest enzyme companies have invested in Reactor-Ready Duo, an easy to use jacketed reactor system, for parallel formulation studies.