Mya 4 enables projects which Purolite could not do before

"I would have loved one two years ago, so I could have used it as the workhorse for most of the project. Dr Patrick Gilbert (R&D Manager)

Mya 4 increased accuracy, productivity and improved reactions at UNSW

Automation was the main requirement - the oil bath/dry ice option was not only time consuming but also provided inaccurate results.

Mya 4 is providing reliable results to Johnson Matthey

The precise temperature control of Mya 4 is helping study key process parameters for API manufacturing

Wanted – a flexible, reliable and accurate automated reaction station

Researchers were also looking to increase the number of experiments they could run in their available space.

Mya 4 performs crystallisation studies, from screening to small scale

Increased productivity and valuable space saving is achieved with Mya 4 Reaction Station

Flexibility, improved efficiency and space saving – Mya 4

Dr Hu can now use multiple tubes and flasks to efficiently run several experiments at once, which has already saved her a lot of time and energy.

Mya 4 Reaction Station brings multiple benefits to MRC

The new Mya 4 Reaction Station benefits the whole team at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology