Tornado, Storm and Carousel 6 Plus work in harmony to help achieve results in China

To improve their chemistry, the Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences invested in the Tornado System and the Carousel 6 Plus to use in their chemical synthesis.

Experimental work is done more effectively and faster at the National Institute of Chemistry

"It makes our life easier" says Dr Jhansi Mamilla

Achieving the most efficient and convenient experiments

The Institute of Chemistry Henan Academy of Sciences invested in the Carousel 12 Plus, the Carousel 6 Plus and the Reactor-Ready Pilot to use in their lab.

Carousel 12 and 6 improve productivity

A variety of Carousel 6 and 12 units improve compound generation at Lundbeck.

Carousel 6 replaces magnetic stirrers at ABAChem

Carousel 6 improves productivity and reaction condition consistency

Carousel 6 optimises parallel synthesis

Carousel 6 improves productivity in Sussex University chemistry lab

Carousel 6 use in high-end gastronomy

Carousel 6 makes it easy to generate large numbers of samples at the Fat Duck development kitchen

Improving chemistry with Carousel 6 Plus + Tornado system in Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry saved time and space in their fume hood with Carousel 6 Plus with Tornado Overhead Stirring System.

Reducing research time using Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station

Using Carousel 6 Plus Reaction station the laboratory only need one stirrer, improving experiment results and saving time and space.