AVA Lab Control Software with Reactor-Ready Duo improves new product development

Royochem chose AVA Software to log and control jacketed lab reactors combined with additions, temperature and stirrer motor devices to improve the safety and quality of unattended chemical processes.

Dart Neuroscience switch to Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Pilot systems with AVA Software

Ease and simplicity of reaction vessel exchange and process automation, convinces Dart Neuroscience to switch to Reactor-Ready and Pilot systems

Automation added to improve control of an existing 50 L reaction system

Radleys Lab Control Software easily adds intuitive automation and datalogging to a 50L reaction system

Difficult process chemistry control in dual systems with lab control software

Two Reactor- Ready Duo systems both with software, pumps, balances and pH meters interlinked and automatically controlled and data logged

Improved control of complex recipes with Reactor-Ready and lab control software

Improved process consistency and repeatability of a complex recipe using automation

Imperial College London Graphene Synthesis

Imperial College London wanted to scale up Graphene production. They chose Reactor-Ready and AVA Software to enable careful temperature control of an exothermic reaction and controlled liquid additions.

High torque application for Reactor-Ready Duo and lab control software

Improved control of a high viscosity application with automated control via feedback loops

Process scale up at Koehler using Reactor-Ready and AVA Software

Koehler improves productivity of process scale up using Reactor-Ready and AVA Software (Level 4)

Reactor-Ready with Lab Control Software

Chinese metals company chooses Radleys Reactor- Ready with software for intuitive operation

Reactor-Ready systems with software beats traditional system designs

DuPont were able to overcome reaction system leaks from bottom outlet valves using Reactor-Ready