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The higher the temperature, the harder your chiller will have to work to keep things cool.

So in warmer countries, and particularly through the summer months, it’s all too easy to use huge amounts of energy for even the most rudimentary of processes.

If you’ve got a water cooled chiller, ensure a good uninterrupted flow of water at a maximum temperature of 15˚C

But if you’ve got an air cooled chiller, there’s a few standard checks and maintenance processes that should be performed routinely if you want to make sure that everything’s always working at its best.

Summer Maintenance for Air Cooled Chillers

The trick is to ensure there’s a constant and unhindered flow of air around your chiller.

Check your chiller’s air intake vents. Depending on the specific model you’re using, these will either be located on the front, side, back, or underneath the unit.

For an efficient flow of air around the system, air vents should be cleaned regularly. Check them for dust and other blockages, and make a point of routinely brushing or vacuuming them.

If you’re using a chiller with vents on the front, side or the back of the unit, this process should be easy. But if your chiller’s air vents are located underneath, you’re chiller will have to be drained to gain access before any routine maintenance takes place.

Obviously this can be a bit of a pain. But with regular maintenance comes increased efficiency and, as a result, reduced running costs.

Is Your Chiller Letting You Down?

If you’ve been using your chiller for a while and you haven’t been keeping up with your routine maintenance, you may find that things aren’t working quite as well as they used to.

But help is always at hand. A qualified Radleys technician can fine tune all your systems, and get all your equipment working like you bought it yesterday.

All you have to do is fill in our servicing request form. Let us know who you are and what you need, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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