<center>Scaling up the synthesis of glowing polymers using Reactor-Ready</center>

Usona chooses Reactor-Ready for Controlled Crystal Engineering Process

Usona chooses Reactor-Ready for Controlled Crystal Engineering Process for Large-Scale Synthesis of Psilocybin Polymorphs.

AVA Lab Control Software with Reactor-Ready Duo improves new product development

Royochem chose AVA Software to log and control jacketed lab reactors combined with additions, temperature and stirrer motor devices to improve the safety and quality of unattended chemical processes.

Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo ensures safety for Bunge Loders

Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo are used to easily change flasks sizes safely between reactions

Dart Neuroscience switch to Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Pilot systems with AVA Software

Ease and simplicity of reaction vessel exchange and process automation, convinces Dart Neuroscience to switch to Reactor-Ready and Pilot systems

Safer, highly efficient experiments with Reactor-Ready Duo

Reactor-Ready Duo positively improves experiments at Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products.

Achieving the most efficient and convenient experiments

The Institute of Chemistry Henan Academy of Sciences invested in the Carousel 12 Plus, the Carousel 6 Plus and the Reactor-Ready Pilot to use in their lab.

Reactor-Ready brings reassurance to organic synthesis laboratory

TonSan invested in Reactor-Ready to use in their lab for the research of adhesives.

Reactor-Ready proves highly efficient and convenient for Beijing institute

The Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences invested in three Reactor-Ready System to use in their lab.

Automation added to improve control of an existing 50 L reaction system

Radleys Lab Control Software easily adds intuitive automation and datalogging to a 50L reaction system

Difficult process chemistry control in dual systems with lab control software

Two Reactor- Ready Duo systems both with software, pumps, balances and pH meters interlinked and automatically controlled and data logged

Customised scaling down of GLMS reactors to 3 and 5 L

Precise correlation was needed between the lab research and process productions scale.