Which vial rack and pin plate should I use in GreenHouse Blowdown?

We offer the following vial racks and pin plates for use with the GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator:

  • RR99691: AT01 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 27.8 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99692: AT02 Vial Rack 6 x 4 (For 13 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99693: AT03 Vial Rack 6 x 4 (For 13.8 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99695: AT05 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 24.3 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99696: AT06 Vial Rack 6 x 4 (For 15 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99697: AT07 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 23.8 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99672: GreenHouse Long Blowdown Pin Plate 6 x 4
  • RR99673: GreenHouse Blowdown Pin Plate 6 x 4
  • RR99674: GreenHouse Blowdown Pin Plate 4 x 2

Firstly, choose a vial rack appropriate for your vial size. The descriptions state the maximum vial outer diameter; 1 mm smaller is fine too.

For a 4 x 2 vial rack, you will need the 4 x 2 pin plate (part number RR99674).

For the 6 x 2 vial racks, you can choose between a pin plate with long pins (RR99672) or short pins (RR99673). The appropriate pin plate for you depends on your vial height and sample volume – you want the pins to reach inside the vials, but not to be immersed in the sample. Please contact us with details of your vials and samples for further guidance.