What are 90° bends? Why are they beneficial?

90° bends (90 degree bends) are also known as right angle adapters or elbow adapters.

Huber 90 degree bend

We recommend them for use with circulators (typically Huber units), one for each hose.  They are inserted between the hose and its respective hose connection on the circulator.

Highly insulated circulator hoses are not very flexible, and Huber hose connections point straight out of the side or back of the unit.  Depending on where you want to locate the circulator relative to your reaction system, including the 90° bends can make it easier to position the hoses in the appropriate direction.

Choose 90° bends that are the same size as your circulator hose (pump) connections. The part numbers are:

  • HB6195: M16/1 90deg Adapter
  • HB9256: M24/1.5 90deg Adapter
  • HB6461: M30/1.5 90deg Adapter
  • HB6699: M38/1.5 90deg Adapter

On Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo and Reactor-Ready Pilot, the manifolds you connect the circulator hoses to already have 90° bends as standard, so you do not need to purchase them for the reactor end.