Do you still supply old-style Tornado Classic (Carousel 6 Classic) wide neck glassware?

Our original Tornado (Carousel 6) wide neck design was a large ground glass joint as follows:

Carousel 6 Classic

The part number for the reflux tube was RR99160, and there were various compatible flasks to choose from.

Glassware with this specific joint has been discontinued, as we redesigned our Tornado / Carousel 6 wide neck joint to an improved flat flange design as shown below:

Carousel 6 Classic

We do still offer the range of wide neck glassware (reflux tubes and the different flask volumes/designs) for the Tornado Classic (and Carousel 6 Classic), but with the new flat flange wide neck design.

Please be aware that you cannot fit new flat flange reflux tubes onto old glass joint flasks or vice versa, so you will need to order both new reflux tubes and new flasks.

The flat flange Classic wide neck reflux tube (including coupling) is part number RR99946; please contact us to discuss flask part numbers.  Please note it’s important to specify that you have Classic equipment, as Classic reflux tubes have a different thread at the top (where the Tornado or Carousel caps screw on) than the current Plus equipment, as pictured below.

Carousel 6 Classic