Carousel 12 improves productivity in a busy R&D lab

12 experiments can now be run at the same time in a space-limited lab at Sun Yat-Sen University
Radleys Carousel 12


Previously used a simple water condenser, heated magnetic stirrer and glass flask for drug synthesis / combination reactions but because of long reaction times and limited space, project progress was always slow.


Improve both the productivity of experiments and other conditions such as consistency and safety.


  1. Improved efficiency to complete projects faster.
  2. All laboratory synthetic reactions are now implemented using the Carousel 12 parallel synthesizer.
  3. The lack of space is no longer a problem as 12 experiments can be run at the same time using Carousel 12
  • Contacts Zhang Xuejing
  • Organisation Sun Yat-Sen University
  • Department School of Pharmaceutical Science, GuangDong Province
  • Country China
  • Product Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station
  • Case Study No. CS1016
"The Carousel 12 is very convenient for us to use and improves our efficiency. "
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