R&D is at the heart of what Radleys is all about – innovation that empowers scientists and chemists.  As the Technical and R&D Manager, I lead the Research and Development of our new and ever-improving product offerings, as well as oversee Radleys’ world-class pre- and post-sales support.  This is an exciting role because I get to be involved from end to end of the product development cycle and to use what we learn from our customers to shape the products of tomorrow.

My background is in chemical engineering, with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and I have over 12 years of experience in reactors and reactor systems design.  I really enjoy creating and developing new technologies and methodologies and solving technical problems, especially the ones that need an extra bit of creativity.  I’m proud to lead a well-rounded team of engineers and scientists that understand the market and know how to deliver results that impress, whether it be through developing or supporting our innovative products.

I’m always happy to hear about new technologies and technical problems that need to be solved, so if you would like to discuss any ideas or have any questions, please get in contact.

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