Radleys Launch the “Student Spot”

Date: Aug 20, 2015
Radleys, a leading manufacturer of chemistry equipment, are looking for university chemistry students to collaborate with on their blog. This is a great opportunity for students who want to get their voice heard in the industry, providing them with a platform to reach like-minded chemists, and discuss their opinions.

Dubbed the “Student Spot,” Radleys are asking for contributions from undergraduates, graduates, PHD students – or anyone involved in the study of chemistry. All applicants need is passion for the subject, and an idea. Radleys value innovative, clean, green chemistry, so article pitches should try to embody this ethos.

Essentially, they are seeking insight into life as a chemistry student – What is it like to study chemistry in 2015?

Mark Radley, MD says: “Universities across the globe use Radleys’ equipment, and we’d love to hear the stories behind the students who use it.

Our R and D team work incredibly hard to continually develop innovations for chemists. We feel that giving students a voice is the perfect way to stay in tune with their ambitions, hopes, fears, and challenges. Ultimately, what they want to write about, is what we want to hear. (Within reason!)”

Chemistry is largely a practical discipline, as such spending time honing writing skills can often be overlooked. Giving students the opportunity to work with Radleys’ editorial team, aims to help both their professional career development, and ability to communicate ideas.

Visit the "Student Spot" now.

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 For more information, please contact carla.froggat@radleys.co.uk
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