Dart Neuroscience switch to Reactor-Ready with AVA Lab Control Software

Date: Jul 11, 2015
Dr. Jing Liu using AVA Software with Reactor-Ready Pilot at Dart Neuroscience

After a major investment in multiple systems with semi-permanently mounted vessels, each occupying a dedicated fume hood with a dedicated circulator, Dart Neuroscience switched to Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Pilot systems with a selection of vacuum jacketed process vessels. The new systems included software control, as valuable process data was not being recorded via manual methods. 

Radleys systems have mostly replaced the previous brand in the lab and the user experience is much improved due to well-designed hardware:

  • Exchange of reactor vessels is done routinely with ease.
  • It is very easy to replace and clean parts thanks to the simple yet ingenious design of the stirrer coupling mechanism.
  • The vacuum jacketed vessels improve the performance of circulators.
  • High temperature reactions are safer because the exterior of vessels is much cooler and low temperature reactions can be easily monitored without having to scrape off ice deposit. 

Dart Neuroscience has also recently invested in an additional Reactor-Ready Pilot with a 10 L vacuum jacketed process vessel AND upgraded to Radleys new AVA Software which enables automatic data logging,  integrated hardware control and generates reports.

Dr. Jing Liu, Scientist III commented “Radleys Reactor-Ready systems incorporate many clever designs that greatly improve the user experience and AVA Software is a big step forward from conventional manual control and lack of data logging.”  

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