SCI Conference Chemistry for Non-Chemists

15 Belgrave Square, Belgravia, SW1X 8PS, London |
Nov 27, 2018

This one-day meeting aims to demystify chemistry through a series of talks and interactive workshops, providing attendees with a broad chemical understanding to enhance their knowledge and improve interdisciplinary interactions.

Fundamental biological processes and reactions are dependent on the interactions of atoms, molecules and compounds found within living cells and the extracellular environment.

Understanding the core principles of chemistry is useful in many biological disciplines, from neuroscience to molecular biology; botany to animal science, and more.

As a vital scientific discipline, chemistry underpins an array of academic, industrial and commercial research. To those working closely with chemists but outside of chemistry departments, the seemingly endless terminology and far-reaching concepts can seem intractable and hinder efficient cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Come and see our technical sales specialist, Dr Nilesh Mistry, demonstrating some of our products and answering your questions regarding our product portfolio.

Going to miss the exhibition? Click here to arrange a free demo in your lab, at a time that suits you. 

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