The Winners of the Radleys Lego Competition 2018

Author: Inez Cornell
Date: Sep 26, 2018

Lego competition winners

At the start of the summer we launched our annual Lego competition, where we asked you to build us a laboratory purely out of Lego. The entries received this year were some of the best yet, and the judges were really impressed by the range of innovative, creative designs.

After much deliberation, the winners were decided - so take a look at the best Lego labs of 2018!

Level 1 winner - Tom Doig

Giant food laboratory

Tom built a lab where scientists can transform normal-sized food into something gigantic! His model features a pizza and a huge ice lolly - perfect during the hot weather we’ve had this summer!

We asked Tom what he’s going to buy with his Lego voucher: “Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego!”

Watch Tom's reaction to winning by clicking here

Level 2 winner - Benjamin Argent

A laboratory harvesting DNA

Ben’s ‘Bio-hacker Lab’ features scientists that are harvesting DNA from aliens and sea monsters… to create some alien sharks! We loved the construction of the double helix.

We asked what inspired his creation: “I learnt about DNA at school, and also by watching Jurassic Park - they take DNA from mosquitoes and use it to make dinosaurs.”

And as for what Lego he’s going to buy next? “I like the Ninja-go dragon that you can add to the boost robot to make a robot dragon. A robot dragon is nearly as cool as an alien shark.”

Level 3 winner - Oliver Kriska

A lego arctic laboratory

Our level 3 winner Oliver constructed an Arctic lab set amongst a snowy landscape, complete with stilted buildings, drilling rig and ice cave! His creation took two weeks to complete, featuring some intricate building techniques - we particularly liked the ice core samples!

Oliver had some great advice for future entrants: “Don’t be concerned about parts you don’t have - instead find creative ways to use parts in new ways.”

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a massive thanks to everyone who got involved.

You can still view all of the amazing photos and videos of the Lego creations we received in our gallery

Did you miss the chance to enter this year? The Radleys Lego Competition will be back in 2019, so get your thinking caps on and start planning your super Lego lab!


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