What’s new in the AVA update v1.1?

In November 2016 we launched a new version of AVA: v1.1.

This updated version of AVA brings a number of benefits:

  • New device drivers – you can control more laboratory equipment than ever before, including new device categories such as conductivity meters.
  • Step end conditions tolerances – specify how close to the setpoint you need to be before the step is considered complete.
  • Physical device set-up information – more help with configuring your devices to enable them to communicate with AVA.
  • Wider ranges for device settings – a wider range of PID values possible for advanced control, wider speed ranges for peristaltic pumps, a wider pH range possible for sensing/control, and an increased maximum hotplate temperature range.
  • Increased warnings (to provide more information – e.g. AVA Care expiry).
  • Some minor bug fixes.

You can download AVA v1.1 from our website.  Note: if you have purchased an AVA licence, you will only be able to use v1.1 if your AVA Care is valid.  Please see our other FAQ posts for further information.