The Hei-TORQUE Value 200 overhead stirrer combined with the Visco Jet impeller gives reliable and efficient mixing of mid to high viscosity media up to 25 L.

Adhesive Manufacturer CS1102 Hei-TORQUE

Contact: Confidential

Organisation: Adhesive manufacturer

Department: Product Development

Country: UK

Product: Hei-TORQUE Value 200

Case Study No: CS1012

The Situation

The company manufactures a variety of adhesives that are used in different industries, for example in the automotive sector. During their process they mix the starting monomer solution in with a catalyst, which then polymerises over time to form the final adhesive. The viscosity of the solution during the mixing process changes as time goes on and because of this the users had previous experience of other stirrers burning out.

The Objective

The end users needed an overhead stirrer that could handle 1 L to 25 L volumes of mid to high viscosity media as well as an impeller that gave efficient mixing of the catalyst and monomer solution.

The Results

Radleys supplied the Hei-Torque Value 200 overhead stirrer, which has 200 Ncm of torque and capable of stirring 50 L of material together with the Visco-Jet impeller, specifically designed to give even mixing of gels and high viscosity media. This combination provided the end users with a reliable, robust solution that give consistent results in their batches and no down time due to stirrer failures.

The system is reliable and works effectively from 1 to 25 L volumes giving efficient mixing.Product Development, Adhesive manufacturer