As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably planning a romantic meal to remember.

So no doubt you’ve already read a bit about aphrodisiacs – those special ingredients that are supposed to help you get in the mood for love.

But is there any truth to aphrodisiacs? Is there really such a thing as a food or a drink that works like a love potion?

As usual, chemistry has the answer!

In an attempt to find the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day, we investigated the chemical content of certain popular aphrodisiacs, and the effects they have on the human body.

See below for our findings…

So there you have it!

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day recipe, try combining chilli and rocket, with chocolate banana split for dessert, and wash it all down with a nice glass of pomegranate juice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from everyone at Radleys!

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