The school summer holidays are in full swing and your kids are bound to be enjoying staying up late having hours of endless fun.

But we know it’s not long before they get restless and turn to you for entertainment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun science-themed activities that will nurture their natural curiosity – and get them off their screens and out of the house too!

From citizen science projects to our very own lego competition, there is something all the family can get stuck into. Who knows, this could be the summer that sparks a lifelong love of science!

Home experiments

Getting hands on is one of the best ways to bring science to life and make a lasting impression.

There are some pretty awesome experiments you can do at home using basic materials you probably already have. Here are a few websites that offer easy to follow instructions for a variety of experiments:

  • Popsci has a list of activities that are ideal for getting kids out of the house, including making a hat that flips the world upside down and a portable garden.
  • Prepared to go big? Sciencebob has instructions on creating hovercrafts, rockets and levitating orbs.
  • Buggy and buddy’s website will show you how to use chemistry to create dancing rice and make copper coins turn green.
  • Love the Royal Institution’s Christmas lectures? Then check out their video guides for making giant bubbles, eggs that bounce and lots more.

Citizen science projects

Why not take it one step further and have your kids become real scientists for the summer by taking part in a citizen science project?

Sciencestarter has a huge database of projects for a wide range of ages on all kinds of topics from archaeology to astronomy and nature. Kids can even help protect astronauts by taking part in a study to work out what materials block UV light best. Or, they could help investigate climate change.

Family outings

There are all manner of science events going on throughout the country this summer and some of them are free too.

You could walk with dinosaurs at the Jurassic Kingdom at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, or learn why fireworks are so loud at the Bang Crackle Pop theatre show at the Centre for Life in Newcastle Upon Tyne. You can find the closest events to you on .

The Royal Society is also running a series of events at 15 museums and galleries to celebrate local science heroes. They are hosting talks, exhibitions and walks including fossil hunts and star gazing.

Summer schools

There’s still time to get a place at some summer schools like the Mad Science summer camps which are Ofsted registered and open to kids aged 5 to 11 years old.

They run from 9.30am to 3.30pm but also offer wrap around care from 8am to 5.30pm.

Kids get to explore a different topic every day. Some of the themes coming up include science all around us, coding famous scientists and secret agents.